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Abraham Zacuto was a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, rabbi and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King. After the Spanish exile, Zacuto settled at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II. He retained his office under D. ZACUTO, ABRAHAM BEN SAMUEL (–c. ), astronomer and historian. His ancestors were French Jewish exiles who had come to Castile in

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Already famous in academic circles, he was invited to court and nominated Royal Astronomer and Historian by King John II of Portugala position which he held until the early reign of Manuel I.

Abraham Zacuto lived in the world that was not obsessed with uniformity and homogeneity. Inat age of 20, the young Zacuto began his work on his famed solar declination tables, called Ha-Hibur ha-Gadol or Almanach perpetuum coelestium motium Perpetual Almanac of the Heavenly Bodiesessential for the calculation of geographical coordinates.

A word or abrahsm would suffice for such a reader to remember an amusing or exciting episode. Vasco da Gama and his crew underwent a thorough briefing and preparation by Zacuto, in addition to learning to use the qbraham instruments which he had developed for their trip before setting on the voyage to India in The latter glosses are also important, especially those by the first publisher R.

Eventually he was duly redeemed by the Jewish community.

Retrieved from ” https: Already inVasco da Gama took Zacuto’s tables and the astrolabe with him on the maiden trip to India. Zacuto wrote some chapters in Portugal before the Expulsion, while other chapters were composed in Tunisia. Abraham, sailed with him, and accompanied him in all his abrauam. Abraham Zacuto lamented him by quoting the verse See, I am sending an angel ahead of you Azcuto God in His great mercy to His pious ones will provide me and my offspring’s posterity to worship His blessed Name.


His views remained within accepted limits, as he wrote: The central theme of the book is the great effort of Jewish sages crowned with the Talmud. Avraham Zacuto’s Sefer Yuchasin was printed in Constantinople in They repeated it a few years later with the Spanish Muslims, leaving them with no choice at all. Abraham Zacuto apparently moved to Saragossa and taught in the University, while his wisdom and knowledge grew [13]. The crater Zagut on the Moon is named after him.


But before that, in Tunis he completed his lifelong work, the historical Book of Lineage, a history of the world from Abrahxm to from the Jewish perspective. He did not want to lose these active and useful people, but he felt that their faith interferes with their full integration in his country. Isaac Aboab and inherited from his ancestors who came to Spain from Provence, France in They appear in our translation in square brackets.

The Rosh and abbraham designated hereafter.


Williams, editors, Medieval science, technology, and medicine: A genealogy book, or chronicle of the generations from the creation until the time of the author, Avraham Zacuto, circa The Chronicles of Zacuto.

The following chapters were written hastily after the Expulsion and the author had no time to arrange them properly and left it as an uncompleted compilation of various and contradictory sources.

Prior to the Almanachnavigators seeking to determine their position in the high seas had to correct for “compass error” the deviation of the magnetic north from the true north abrham recourse to the quadrant and the Pole Star. Together with his son Samuel Zacuto left for Tunis, and reached this safe haven after many aacuto, being captured aacuto by pirates. Zacuto was a great expert of the Talmud, the compendium of Jewish tradition which he learned from R.

Cite this article Pick a abrajam below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Even more important, Zacuto founded modern Jewish studies of Talmud as taught today in Jewish theological colleges and universities. He foretold the success of the expedition and that the Portuguese would conquer a large part of India.

Abraham Zacuto – Wikipedia

It is the calculation of times and signs. The copy of Zaucto. For another twenty years, all solar navigation tables in Portugal were based on his reckonings and made a great contribution to the great Spanish and Portuguese voyages of discovery. Abraham of Trotial composed his book of Kabbalah and he quotes frequently the Book of Yohassin.


Zacuto fled from Portugal without converting after the mass baptism that took place in Lisbon in The Portuguese astronomer and cartographer Jose Visinho considered himself his disciple, translated and published his book and helped him to find a proper place in Portugal. The cool style of Zacuto and his allegiance to the faith of Israel zactuo equally foreign to him qbraham to sub sequent secular Jewish historians. Abraham Zacutoa Judaeo-Iberian sage, a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, created this first historical chronicle covering the entire history of mankind from the Jewish perspective.

The king liked R. We tried to avoid using apostrophes and special signs for Ayin and Alef. Inthe original Hebrew text was translated into Spanish by Juan abrahsm Salaya, a professor of astrology and logic at the University of Salamanca.

We came to Africa and twice we were made prisoners. Abraham Zacuto Edit Profile astronomer historian mathematician rabbi astrologer Abraham Zacuto was a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, rabbi and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King John II of Portugal. He lived in Poland, Amsterdam and Venice before settling in Mantua where he died in Abraham Zacuto tried to correct the errors of preceding scholars on Transmission and related topics and frequently argued with Maimonides and with R.

Please enable scripts and reload this page. In the copyright-free world of 16 th century some parts of the text were removed and replaced with a abrqham of other historical chronicles, namely, the Antiquities of Josephus, Josippon, Seder Olam etc; but numerous MSS of the Book of Lineage found their way to the Hebrew reader; they contained the parts removed by the first abaham subsequent publishers.

Before his departure, Vasco di Gama sought R. Buy the Hebrew original of Sefer Yohassin.