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“Alternativna historija, tom I – IV” – TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo ili Interliber (www. ); “Alternativna povijest – tragovima Atlantide” – Indrija, Zagreb. Alternativna historija je naziv za specifičan podžanr spekulativne fikcije, odnosno naučne fantastike čija je radnja smještena u fiktivne svjetove u kojima je. The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija. advertisement. Sam Osmanagich THE WORLD OF THE MAYA 2 Table of Contents Introduction The Lost World of.

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With the adjustment of musical notes, we are able to hhistorija to a higher octave. For me the answer is obvious. The army of Salvador prevails, but the Organization of American States, with the threat of a blockade, backs them off.

The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija

Even that we have no physical similarity with the bodies which they inhabited; the physical characteristic of the Indians of South America are quite different. John Lennon descended into the nearby caves, wanting to go as deep as possible into the center of the earth.

That evening was the first time I felt really comfortable in a colonial Hispanic town.

The Maya is the understanding that the physical body is a transient vehicle which assists in spiritual development. The Maya are telling us much more.

Alternativna historija

I look up and see the silhouette of a monkey. Aurora SR Aurora is the popular name for a hypothesised United States reconnaissance aircrafthistodija to be capable of hypersonic flight. There are ruins of walls with impressive stone thresholds above the entrances.

The priests broke up the statue, causing such fury among the natives that they alternaitvna to run for their lives.


But this is only one of the functions of numbers.

Do they convey, in addition to the coordinates of space and time, something else as well? And the information will continue to flow when our planet becomes harmonized with the solar frequency and the center of the galaxy. Again physical evidence is important here. I climb to the top of the pyramid. I don’t know whether you are familiar with the Big Bend or not, but there is no more wild or desolate area in the country.

The second phase of investigation was focused on analysis of the artifacts which had been found. He defeated the French army and removed the Austrian archduke, Maximilian, from the throne. Between those two ends there are several lenses which enlarge and transfer the information. The stone blocks began with time to crumble. He puts his foot on the gas, the engine roars, and the chicken bus is off! We go out into the open and he stops and points out to me the peculiar auditory effects that these stone structures have.

Alternativna historija – Serbo Croatian-English Dictionary

We must realize that their science, their intellectual achievements, and their mental capacities were far in advance of our own. The center is closed to traffic. Going back one and a half, or even two and a half, millennia we will find that the scattered villages of farmers had much the same kind of life.

The most recent carved stone slab is dated at A. Archeologists generally view these calendars as nothing alternativnq than a means of recording time. I once again think about how nice it would be to live here.


Single-storey gray suburbs, heavy traffic. It is clear that what we see here are space ships which travel between our Solar system and other parts of the galaxy the head of the Maya is in the vehicles and, thereby, between the Sun and the center of the galaxy.

From what I was able to make out of the local news broadcast, the rebels just wanted to make their presence known and to show that they could hinder the tourist trade if they wanted to.

And a disappearance which coincides with the disappearance of the Maya southeast of here and a population of half a million at Teotihuacan northwest of here. After that they built the first church Santuario los at 75 meters above ground level. It would usually be something like this: After another hundred yards, there was another path leading up the hill — this time with a gate.

And because of them our history needs to be re-written. Three dashes represented It is a place with about houses on a little island at the edge of Lake Peten Itza. The only problem is that at this point the driver becomes determined to show the full extent of his masterful driving skills. And then a complete transformation occurs; the driver suddenly attains a sense of urgency.

There is no shelter and no let-up. These claims are for the most part dismissed as fringe science or pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific communities of archaeology and astronomy.