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Aonla Plants Cultivation in India: it’s Origin, Area of Production, Climate and Soil, Cultivars, Harvesting and Marketing! Family: Euphorbiaceae. Aonla or amla or. Soils with red,black with wide range of pH can very well accomodate to planting,the fields should be deeply ploughed,harrowed. Besides fruits, leaves, bark, and even seeds are being used for various purposes. The total area under Aonla in Andhra Pradesh is about 4,

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Average fruit yield is kg per grafted tree. It is a prolific bearer. Light as well as medium heavy soils except purely sandy soils is ideal for aonla cultivation.

After the plants attain 5 years of age no crop should be grown. Nitrogen increased vegetative growth and female flowers, while P increased sex ratio, initial set, fruit retention and yield, TSS and vitamin C content of the fruit.


Paddy straw, sugarcane trash and farmyard manure are used for mulching. The fruit colour aonlz with red-blush. Ayurvedic medicines like Chyavanprash,Triphalahurna,Brahma rasayan and Madhumehga churna contains essentially Aonla as their ingredients.

A mature Aonla tree of about 10 years will yield kg of fruit. Cashew Cultivation — Climatic and Soil Requirements. Fruits are light yellowish green, medium sized fruits 30—32g. Component Proposed Expenditure 1. The young plants should be given kg of well rotten FYM and the mature trees should be fertilized with 1 kg of Super Phosphate and Plants up to 2 years of age -at 10 days interval Plants up to 4 years of age -at 15 days interval Plants after 4 years of age -at 20 days interval Training and Pruning Leaving only well shaped branches with wide angle at about 0.


The basins should be kept free of weeds, manually, throughout the year. Precaution should be taken that no directed spray should be on the seedlings or the plants which are grown. However, dead, infested, broken, weak or overlapping branches should be removed regularly. Since the free grows to a huge size a distancepf-8 to 10 in bothways is recommended. Aonla tolerates well to drought conditions, mostly grown as a rainfed fruit crop, however, initial first 2 to 3 years assured irrigation is essential for good growth.

Leaving only well shaped branches with wide angle at about 0. Fruits are smaller than Banarsi but are fibrous. Share cu,tivation Twitter Share to Facebook. It is used in the preparation of Chavanparash and other Ayurvedic medicines.

Aonla Plants: Aonla Plants Cultivation in India

Fruit are large in size, light yellow at full maturity. Aonla tree is quite fast growing type.

Fruits can also be harvested using long bamboo poles attached with hooks. Regular orcharding cultovation Aonla is a rare phenomenon, therefore, nutritionist hardly practiced.

Disease Rust Rust appears as circular reddish solitary or gregarious on leaves and also on fruits. India’s present production is around 1.

Agrigold Organics promoted by the Agri Gold Group was established with the concept of integrated sustainable farming. It is a pest wh In dry are as where mortality after transplanting is usually high the seedling root stock can be raised ‘in situ’ at appropriate distance for budding with superior cloned Training and Pruning: Boxes should be properly nailed and transported to the desired markets. Francis variety is highly susceptible followed by Banarasi. Foliar spray with Chlorothalonil 2g or Mancozeb 2.

Shoots appearing as collar suckers from the ground or rootstock trunk-below the graft union should be removed as and when these appear. Watering of bearing plants is advised during summer months at bi weekly interval.


The yield of the main crop will go up from 4 tonnes in year 1 of commercial production to 8 tonnes in year 5 and will stabilize thereafter. Soon after the fruit set in spring, the fruits remain dormant through summer without any growth, makes it highly suitable fruit crop for arid region.

The average cost of inter cropping would be Rs. It originated as chance seedling of Banarasi. Each pit should be filled with surface soil mixed aonls 15 kg FYM and 0. Aorla has drooping habit of branches. The term loan will be repaid in 11 equated 6 monthly xultivation with a moratorium of 72 months. During March — April, prune and thin the crowded branches to provide maximum fruit bearing area in the tree.

Aonla Cultivation Practices | AgriGold Organics | Agri Gold Fertilzers | Agri Gold Products

During summer irrigation interval should be every 4—5 days. Both nymphs and adults infest near stalk end portion of fruits and suck sap resulting in poor fruit development and premature fruit drop. Cultication contains ascorbic acid mg per g.

Vegetatively propagated plants attain full bearing within years and may continue to bear for years of age under well managed conditions. However, production shall be highly benefited in deep and fertile soils. The cultivatjon is valued as an antisorbatic, diuretic, laxative, antibiotic. Home Submit your content Contact Privacy Policy.