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Li Kao may have a slight flaw in his character but the book has none. I recommend it unconditionally and I predict Barry Hughart has quite a. The first time I read Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds, I cried. I cried because the ending was that beautiful, because it was that sweet, and. When the children of his village were struck with a mysterious illness, Number Ten Ox found master Li Kao. Together they set out to find the Great Root of Power .

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Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart | Book Review

I liked it well enough, but I don’t know if this is going to be one bridgee those books Abrry remember a few years from now. View all 11 comments. He was rather surprised when a pair of fake hands and a shoulder harness came along with the bowl. Crabs, chrysanthemums, melon seeds, chestnuts – each vendor had his special sound, and only a country bumpkin would resort to using his vocal chords.

As such, Bridge of Birds is something of a hidden gem: Refresh and try again. Mar 23, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: Cross the Bridge of Birds for Cheeky Adventure: Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

I just knew it would help. Hughart appropriating certain elements of Chinese history and culture for its comical, fantastical, and ultimately informative potential, its near impossible for the story not to leave a mark in the mind, the exoticness that is China bright on the page. Silent as a shadow you slip to the top of the stream and peer around slyly. If you need a light, escapist fantasy that’s a bit unusual, “Bridge of Birds” is a good choice.


Bridge of Birds

Writer Hughart has used this odd vehicle to create a fabulously imagined fantasy — almost a modern fable, with simple but stylish sub plots hughatr several loosely connected story lines that actually do get tied up nicely at the end.

Although Bridge of Birds has a happy ending, with the heroes vanquishing the villain and freeing the damsel in distress, there’s a sinister sense hughwrt they got off easy and that more was at stake than was ever apparent. Master Li has lived long and has grown too cynical to stay completely barfy. To me it reads something like a cross between a zen koan and a Stephen Chow movie. The cries of the old peasant and the cackles of the greedy miser faded behind me, and the cheerful cacophony of the Moon Festival took over.

A thug with a very good jade earring dangling from one chewed earlobe apparently did not approve of the local product. It was written so that the reader would have a good time reading a story well-told. Jan 24, Steve rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It got lost on my ever-growing to read list, until the club decided to make the February pick. Cat is suddenly flying through the air?

Bridge of Birds – Wikipedia

Number Ten Ox who isn’t actually an Ox, but was his parents’ 10th child, and is rather large bridye a peasant farmer in the titular China That Never W Writing a review of Bridge of Birds is a bgidge that I admit to not being up to.

The opening chapters of this book are very good, and set up high expectations for the rest of the story. Pawnbroker Fang and Ma the Grub.

Comparable to some of Neil Gaiman ‘s best, or to The Princess BrideBridge of Birds starts with a simple medical mystery, and escalates rapidly. Inspired by Your Browsing History.


As it turns out, however, the Ancestress possesses only the lesser Root of Power, and the true Great Root is in the possession of the tyrannical and avaricious Duke of Ch’in. Every hugjart who likes a tough and uncompromising ot villain will love this avaricious and tyrannical Duke of Ch’in. Bridge of Birds-Spoiler Free 7 44 Nov 29, The fact is, every woman with any agency in this book is portrayed as a wicked harridan who deserves to be put into the woodchipper, and every other female character is a damsel in distress or other object to be moved about by the male characters, who are the only people allowed to act on their own.

The story keeps you on your toes, thanks in part to the unique way Hughart structures scenes. Singapore Journal of Legal Studies.

Hubhart Zi, ConfuciusA Dream yughart Red ChambersJourney to the WestSu Shi, Hirds Yuanming, the original Cinderella, and a host of other literature, not to mention the aforementioned legend, are subtly integrated into the text, making it enjoyable education and story. And then begins the adventure! That’s true to some extent, though, as often the case with historynot to the extent we think. The book includes elements of China’s history of inventiveness and ingenuity, as well as cultural myths that extend beyond its borders.

Second, because although it is relatively unknown, it should probably rank up near Princess Bride in adult folk-tale charm. Much of the story has beautiful imagery, and that adds to a pleasant and quick read. Having greater presence, however, is knowledge of Chinese literature, poetry, philosophy and fiction.