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Team Rodent. Team Rodent · Buy it at Amazon “Team Rodent doesn’t believe in sleaze, however, nor in old-fashioned revulsion. Square in the middle is. Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World Production: A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to. Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen – book cover, description, publication history.

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Carl Rodet loves Florida and so do I. In a few cases, Hiaasen tries to relate the corporation to tragedies or scandals that they really have hardly anything to do with, or are loosely related to but not purposely so.

Nov 13, Beth rated it did not like it.

Not even pages. The book also talks about the strange, and at times, seemingly menacing secrecy of Disney and its operations. Lists with This Book. This book starts out whining about how Disney brings in more tourists to the Florida Keys. He and his family live in southern Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida.

It has the right to implement its own schools, justice system, even its own nuclear power plant. So if you, like I, are curious in what may lurk behind the facade of Disney this book offers glimpses. The company gets eodent it wants and is free to gobble up land as it pleases.

Jul 09, Tori Porter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the author does occasionally refer to primary source material Orlando Sentinel, etc.

Short, quick, podcast length book of skepticism over giant corporation consumerist society, with Disney at the forefront.

He brings to light the creepy business tactics, the cultish behavior, the third Reich mentality that those of us who have been close enough to smell the beast know is there.


Did you know that up until recently no on dies on Disney property? So did the population, both in numbers and as a percentage of the U.

Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen

Return to Book Page. May 05, Josh rated it really liked it. Hiaasen makes this point with a series of examples and anecdotes about things-gone-wrong in the world of Disney, even at one point stating that Disney “plays god” with its cultural interference. I wouldn’t mind seeing a more up-to-date and relevant version of this book from Hiaasen, now that 20 years have passed and Disney hiaasem only grown hlaasen and more monopolistic.

But when Hiaasen does go all-out on making Disney sound like an evil, menacing corporation, he does a damn good job.

Team Rodent by Carl Hiaasen (Book Review)

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Many Disney lovers have obviously read and reviewed this book and written scathing reviews, you will notice that most of these reviewers live far away from the Disney machine. Then again, although Hiaasen is preaching to the choir, he’s a good enough writer to make it an entertaining sermon.

Team Rodent – Wikipedia

But let’s face itthe author seems more concerned with being funny than with making a convincing argument. Because being grossed out is essential to the human experience; without a perceived depravity, we’d have nothing against which to gauge the advance or decline of culture; our art, our music, our cinema, our books. Enough about that, Hiaasen does a wonderful job of using typical Florida cynicism to point out what most people in Florida already know, Disney wants your money and they are willing to brainwash your children to get it.

Okay next are the Dalmatians. Disney isn’t in the business of exploiting Nature so much as striving to improve upon it, constantly fine-tuning God’s work. Trivia About Team Rodent: Paperback96 pages. While some may laugh about a class in the Sociology of Disney, and blow it off as cake, I learned much about this and other American corporations that come off as “friend brands.


Although the author does occasionally refer to primary source material Orla Interesting essays detailing some unknown and not very admirable facts about the Disney Company. Each of us has limits, unarticulated boundaries of taste and tolerance, and sometimes we forget where they are. Each of us has limits, unarticulated boundaries of taste and tolerance, and sometimes we forget where they are.

It is bound to have Books like this really spark my interest.

Hiassen’s writing style is fabulous – I am definitely going to check out more of his work. This is no rational writer.

A “deranged rant” is how Carl Hiaasen has aptly described his contribution to Ballantine’s series of tracts by big-name writers. But the rest of the book fails to fully deliver. Had Hiaasen focused solely on the direct connections and he does write about themI would have found his position as a whole more credible.

For all I know the Disney Corporation is evil, but Carl Hiaasen has not done a very good job of proving it. While this is true on the most basic level, the blame for all of the sprawl really lies in the City of Orlando.

Hiassen’s contempt for Disney is evident on every page, in nearly every paragraph.