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Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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Each of the three playable races has specific tables for the creation of characters.

This page does not exist. FGU is a company about which I have some very mixed feelings. A true prize in my collection. The game provides a wealth of background information about Known Space, though not really all that much about the Ringworld.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

Specifically, it’s the 29th century. More Information Edit History. There are few games that I wished I owned and this is one of them. Add a copy to your collection.

Ringworld (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

RPGG was nearly destroyed the first time it was attempted. Go to the Continuum website to see registration details on residential and non-residential passes to the convention. Different Worlds Issue 29 – Jun Joseph August 28, at Quite a number of Larry’s books and short stories are now available as ebooks. The role-playing game contains a great deal of technical details about the setting, more than the fiction the setting is based on.


I think I was the only player to ever figure out whet the Chaosiun Arch actual was. I plan on talking about them in the not-too-distant future chsosium well. Skill Based buy or gain skills.

The production values were outstanding for the time as were most Chaosium releases. Add tags Tags separate by space: Posted by James Maliszewski riingworld The Ringworld science fiction role-playing game was published by Chaosium inusing the Basic Role-Playing system for its rules and Larry Niven ‘s Ringworld novels as a setting. RQ II boxed set is brill hope you do a retrospective on that. This site is dedicated to the roleplaying game inspired by Larry Niven’s Ringworld irngworld Known Space series.

Ringworld Ringworld role-playing game cover.

Steve Zieser August 27, at The hunt for out-of-print games worthy of a second look. GDW’s Judge Dredd game. Campaign Setting game world Core Rules min needed to play.

Thursday, August 27, Ringworld. In Niven’s future world, the deterioration of age has been largely reversed, so humans live hundreds of years. I never did end up taking a look at the game when it came out. I remember have seen it in the local rpg shop in my french town, when I was still a young player.


I got mine signed by Niven at WorldCon this year. I remember seeing it in a game store when it was in print as well and, though intrigued, passed on in in favor of The setting is a distant future based on extrapolation of as much hard science as Chaisium had available. I don’t think they produced a single genuinely bad game, even if they produced several that weren’t to my liking.

Larry Niven’s Ringworld

This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Alas, Ringworld was one fot he very few games of the period that I never got. Ringworld role-playing game cover. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. There is a moving tribute to John, who penned a lot of the brilliant essays in the RPG.

A Man-Kzin War war setting, with its slightly lower technology, would likely make for a better game. Anonymous August 28, at 6: Pookie September 12, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home.