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Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen R.C. Hicks The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt Higher Superstition by Paul R. Gross The Blank Slate by Steven. The UBC Free Speech Club had the absolute honour of hosting Dr. Stephen Hicks earlier in March. We sincerely hope you enjoy this lecture as. PDF | On Jun 1, , Gary Jason and others published Review of: S. Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault .

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When enlightenment logic and reason was perceived as a threat religion, a series of “counter-enlightenment philosophers” waged a war on logic, reason and truth.

Why hasn’t Stephen Hicks “Explaining postmodernism” been criticized more? : askphilosophy

However, just as the postmodern left is the heir to the failed philosophies of left wing socialism, Trump and the new wave of nationalism poostmodernism prove to be the heirs of right wing socialism, explaininng ushering in a right wing version postmoxernism postmodernism.

Then fill the void with the correct Left political principles. Reviews the long history and identifies the leading characters in the development of this “philosophy.

Your book logically walks through the postmodernism stages with historical context. Lorkovic, in Philosophy in Reviewconcludes that although he thinks most of Hicks’ history is wrong, the more pressing problem is that there’s so little attempt to argue for it in postmovernism book that the reader isn’t given any meaningful substance to really assess.

Jun 20, Nate Weger rated it really liked it. With Trump the American right has made postmoderhism major gamble that goes far beyond his temperament or competence for the presidency.

Very well written, very informative and very well structured apology to capitalism, with surface view on Hegel and dismissal of his dialectics. Substantive and well-researched i. Its claims and strategies aren’t easy to understand – let alone combat – unless you understand its philosophical pedigree. Nevertheless, the two strains ultimately came together in the twentieth century, when all the great postmodernist thinkers, Derrida and Foucault included, were hardcore socialists at the same time.

These truths must be the foundations of any religion for that religion to have any validity.


Kant, because he denies that the subject has Wissen of the ultimate nature of reality, is taken simply to deny that knowledge of reality is possible.

I would appreciate it a lot, if you could give me the consent. The reformation created this idea that man doesn’t need an intermediary pope, priest, etc. postmodernisk

Kant sacrificed objectivity to save religion from empiricism. Postmodernists are well aware of the contradictions—especially since their opponents relish pointing them out at every opportunity. However, the main merit is that we get a master class in poostmodernism use of the false dichotomy from both the postmodernists explaininy the author himself. Maybe he wrote them to sell his brand of enlightenment rational to the Puritans and Quakers or maybe he actually believed it – only God knows.

Jun 08, Rodrigo rated it it was amazing. Your title suggestion — could be a great subtitle. This tradition continued in the 20th century when the catastrophe of socialism became too great to ignore, the post-modernism picked up the counter-enlightenment tradition and waged a war on the very tools needed to perceive the catastrophe — logic, reason, truth, language.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What’s the point of such inactive God, a religious person might poatmodernism. Dr Hicks, any idea when these will be back in stock? Professor Edvard Lorkovic in Philosophy in Review. In this way, it might be fair enough to say that Kant destroyed philosophy in order to save it, but to argue that everything was hunky-dory before Kant wrote the Critique is simply false. It just seems like people are going to agree with Hicks if they’re right-wing and disagree if they’re the opposite, like so many other questions.

It happened in reaction to his fear of violent death. Open Preview See a Problem? Juxtapose that with the ‘s of millions of gallons of blood that were spilt under nihilistic regimes and anyone with a shred of ‘reasonableness’ has to admit that reason alone – Simply – Doesn’t – Work.

If only I could trust it. Who is the unit of analysis and value?

This marks explaiinng first departure from the fxplaining law doctrines found in classical philosophy and Christianity. The difference is that national socialism was left entirely discredited inwhile its equally ugly twin brother wasn’t until at leastwhen the Soviets crushed any illusion about their true intentions one might still have had at that point in time.


To take one example, Luther and Calvin were no friends of crushing catholic dogma and work hard to promote individual thinking on matters of faith. A week ago one night, I had an unusual dream. For serious history-of-ideas scholarship, getting into the primary sources will be necessary. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?

The house of cards came thundering down when the Soviets invaded Hungary in ’56 to crush the popular uprising against the socialist rulers in that country. Then came the philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, who in his landmark book ‘The structure of scientific revolution’ propounded that the idea that our idea objectivity is ‘theory laden’, we see the world to fit eplaining within our theories, and there is ultimately no objectivity after all of course, the idea is much more nuanced and goes beyond the scope of this petty review.

Jan 21, Poatmodernism rated it really liked it Shelves: He didn’t like it, he just described it as the present condition of society.

Explaining Postmodernism

Aug 30, Ryan Murdock rated it it was amazing. This book is different — the author sees what he does not want to see. It’s not obvious to me that one side is demonstrably in error and the other is correct.

Later, Hegel took it one step further. It is as a highly entertaining experience of getting your biases confirmed, at times deliciously vitriolic, and times highly informative and eye-opening.

Ships from TX, United States. Along came the modernist, who said that there’s an ‘objective reality’ out there, that can be known by reason, and promoted individualism over the medieval collectivism.