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Cirugía ° Modificaciones: André Toupet Jacques Dor de la región del hiato se efectúa colocando un separador de tipo valva de. cluded D’Or fundoplication in 35 cases (%), Nissen in 8 cases .. tos pacientes se había realizado funduplicatura tipo D’Or abierta en 2. Se usa en pacientes con dismotilidad severa. Es una funduplicatura anterior de º. Funduplicatura parcial tipo Dor. Elonga el segmento intra-abdominal del.

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The benefit of the absence of facial incisions or transfixion of funduplicatuga nasal septum, potential improvement in hemostasis, and visual magnification topo help to decrease the morbidity of traditional open approaches. She underwent adjuvant radiotherapy to minimize local recurrence. No laryngoceles recurred and no complication such as dysphonia or prolonged dysphagia occurred.

Changes in clinical and instrumental examinations from before to after surgery were evaluated in all patients. Heller laparoscopic myotomy plus anterior fundoplication Dor procedure or Heller laparoscopic myotomy plus total fundoplication floppy-Nissen procedure. However, actual lung tissue doses of carbon exhibited some species dependence.

There is also the possibility of accepting book reviews of recent publications related to General and Digestive Surgery. This technique of partial maxillectomy led to very good aesthetic and functional results.

Gastric volvulus can be classified according to etiology as primary or secondary, according to anatomy as or mesenteroaxial, and according to onset as acute or chronic.

Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso. In funduplicxtura of our cases, the symptoms, especially dysphagia, relapsed within a year. funduplicatuga

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We used modified lithotomy position with reverse Trendelenburg and the legs abducted. The data were analyzed using Review Manager Version 5. Patients who preoperatively had suffered from dysphagia were excluded. With wide application of antireflux surgery, reoperations for failed fundoplications are increasingly seen.


Conclusion We describe the first robotic-assisted excision of bilateral oral ranulas in current literature. The first feasibility studies in head and neck cancer, conducted in animals, dummies and cadavers, were performed infollowed by the first publications in patients in Symptoms usually get steadily worse. Pneumoperitoneum was established using an open technique.

Postoperative wrap migration can be suspected clinically by the presence of a precipitating event and typical symptomatology. After obtaining an informed consent, the patient underwent a right transoral robotic-assisted transoral excision of the ranula and sublingual gland with identification and dissection of the submandibular duct and lingual nerve. From both the patient’s and the surgeon’s point of view, laparoscopic Heller myotomy offers obvious advantages when compared to a laparotomic approach.

Modified barium swallow two patients or fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing three patients was performed postoperatively, with all patients showing complete resolution of penetration and aspiration. So far, there have been no studies reporting data on day-to-day occurrence of dysphagia after laparoscopic fundoplication The aim of this study is to assess the advantage of using the submandibular endoscopic intraoral approach SEI. Gagging, nasal regurgitation and aspiration result.

At 12 months, 85 patients 90 per cent were available for follow-up. The da Vinci Xi platform offered several technologic advantages over previous robotic generations including overhead docking, narrower arms, and improved range of motion allowing for improved execution of previously described TORT techniques.

This surgical procedure cuts the sphincter muscle to allow the esophagus to open. Full Text Available In recent years, several studies with large sample sizes and recent follow-up data have been published comparing outcomes between laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication and laparoscopic Toupet fundoplication. In 3 patients one with esophageal diseasewith a hiatus hernia prior to surgery, despite immediate postoperative reduction, the barium swallow examination done for this study revealed recurrent hiatus hernia but no GER.

The objectives of the following study are to evaluate ease of accessibility, time taken for the procedure, ease of anatomic reduction and complications. In this procedure, an inflatable membrane or balloon is passed down the esophagus to the sphincter and inflated to force the sphincter open.


Robotic-assisted transoral removal of a bilateral floor of mouth ranulas. The use of intraoperative manometry enables an adequate calibration of myotomy, being effective in the evaluation of the complete pressure drop, avoiding too long esophageal myotomy and, especially, too short gastric myotomy, that may be the cause of surgical failure.

Indications for NF were swallowing dysfunction n: Pathological examination showed existence of large and small follicular thyroid tissues in several lymph nodes, suggesting lymph node metastasis from thyroid carcinoma. Finally, 6 studies, including a total of achalasia patients, compared Dor fundoplication with other types of fundoplication after LHM Dor-other groupand 8 studies, including a total of achalasia patients, compared Dor fundoplication with no fundoplication after LHM Dor-no group.

The first group received low-molecular-weight heparin LMWH 12 h before the operation, and 6 and 30 h after it.

Dyspnea and hoarseness were the main complaints. From January dro October64 patients with achalasia or diffuse esophageal spasm topo esophagomyotomy and antireflux operation via left thoracotomy.

Although the LESS approach increases operative. Called also cricoesophageal incoordination. Continuous treatment with parenteral antibiotics and a cervical brace was required for 2 months before all his symptoms and signs diminished.

fundidor de tipos – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Full Text Available Ectopic thyroid gland may be detected at any place between foramen caecaum and normal thyroid localization due to inadequacy of the embryological migration of the thyroid gland. We were able to cauterize and carefully dissect the sac prior to excision.

Drawback of these approaches is limited control of the superiomedial extent of the tumour in the paranasal area.