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Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss Motivational Interviewing by William R. Miller Just Listen by Mark Goulston A Manual for Creating Atheists by Peter. Goulston, a psychologist, consultant, author and frequent contributor on TV, has written an insightful and example-laden book that explores. Embrace Possibility book notes for Mark Goulston’s Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

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Section 3 Give useful examples of application in real life. Please connect with me to ask questions or leave comments listenn this episode or the podcast in general, and there are several good ways to do this:.

Its technique used for hostage negotiations, so it works! Just as the solution to being healthy is exercising and eating well. However, what this book is all about is on how exactly will you listen.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This is one area everyone could goukston on. You will be inspired.

Goulston writes about in this book. There are a lot of interesting and salient points made in this book about connecting with people.

And that the key to gaining “buy in” and then moving people through the rest of the cycle is not what you tell them, but what you get them to tell you – and what happens in their minds in the process.

Both the good people in your life and the annoying people need and deserve reassurance that they matter. The title itself makes it simpler by saying exactly what you need to do.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In this episode, Mark shares a personal story of a specific life-changing experience when he mirrored the feeling of his suicidal patient, Nancy. Hint, don’t call the person an idiot.

Some of it seems like common sense, and some of it seems truly novel. I appreciate very much the author’s attempt to codify what exactly it takes to be a person who is a “natural” persuader and I’ve already started practicing his techniques. The author has however managed to present the skills in a simple way so you can implement some of the skills from the book right after reading it. Notice the customer experience.


Exhale and listen to the silence between breaths. One simple example is to use the word “Hmmm” as someone starts to tell you something, and to encourage them to tell you more.

Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston

Feb 07, Victoria rated it it was amazing. To have the ability to work with any kind of ‘personality’, I certainly would recommend this book.

Transactional communications don’t create traction in a relationship because they’re impersonal and shallow. Overall, not a bad book and I learned a lot from it, but it wasn’t quite good enough to be my go to book for recommending gouleton others. Some of his lines seem better in a textbook than active use, but others are purely brilliant. The very thing we think we do but hardly any goulstkn us is doing it.

If you have people in your life that are hard to reach, I recommend reading this book to see if any of the many tactics could prove useful to you. So slow down, and listen. Immersive Learning on Tablets. Looking for a good book? It helps avoid any biases – Try to understand the why they feel the way they do and try youlston label how they feel.

To this end, Mark has created an initative through patreon. Aug 30, Rebecca rated listfn it was amazing.

Mark shares some great practices to deepen conversations with all kinds of people. If you’re really interested in the topic of listening, check out Co-Active Coaching and their section on the Three Levels of Listening. Cause people to look up with their eyes and reflect on your question – you’ll make a better connection with them than if your question is transactional. When you do so, you go from being fixated on the way you are convinced the world should or shouldn’t be, but never will be, to being ready to deal with the world the way it is.

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Where can I send your Welcome Kit? Ask your friends, relatives and coworkers. She knew he had seen the world through her eyes. Drawing on his experience as a psychiatrist, business consultant, and coach, and backed by the latest scientific research, author Mark Goulston shares simple but powerful techniques readers can use to really get through to people-whether they’re coworkers, friends, strangers, or enemies.

This is going to the list of my top recommended leadership and self-growth books both for corporate professionals as well as business owners. Get where they are really coming from. With the help of this groundbreaking book readers will be able to turn the “impossible” and “unreachable” people in their lives into allies, devoted customers, loyal colleagues, and lifetime friends.

I like a lot of the tips, but I sometimes felt the author did not really address the concerns of an average person trying to learn how to listen and communicate better. I find this book very interesting because I did not expect that it will be different than other books about interpersonal relationship. If everyone read this, and adopted its advice, the world would be a better place. She felt heard, she felt felt and it was that connection that enabled her to move on.

Just Listen: Secret to Getting Through to Anyone

This is a beautiful conversation. Sep 25, Patama rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page.

Most of us won’t have to deal with a hostage situation but at times we may feel like the idiot we’re trying to help has us held hostage as they are reacting defensively to a situation and failing to act logically. Stop trying to be interesting, be interested instead. One other last thought.